Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Bright Eyes

Flashing Lights- Bright Eyes REMIX

I loved this unique look so much I decided to make another one, I call it Flashing Bright eyes because of the way the gold flashes every time you blink the dark colour over takes your entire eyelids but as you blink the gold kind of flashes and so that’s where I got it from in case people were wondering.

I really love this look, this is one of my favourite looks I’ve come up with so far I think its great for people with big eyes or people who like to emphasis their eyes a lot. Because I have very large eyes I like to really make a difference with my eyes, I’m addicted to bold bright colours. And highly pigmented Eye shadows I’m currently regularly using Ben Nye Palette the colours are really bold and pigmented.

I really recommend Ben Nye for those who love bold bright colours I ordered two palettes from the U.S.A I ordered it from this funky looking website I got it within two weeks I was really happy, I was a little worried that the eye shadows might be broken in the packaging but it arrived perfectly fine and in one piece :)

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Classic Eyes

Vanilla Classic Neutral Eyes

A very elegant look I have to say I did this look without giving a second thought to it, I just came up with it while getting ready in a hurry it took me half an hour to complete this look, it was quick and I got it just off my head, I had been meaning to do a neutral elegant look for a while, I’ve had numerous amount of requests for a neutral look, so here it is :) I had vanilla pigment in my hand while I was digging through my Mac eye shadows I was in such a rush I just made do with what was in my hand.
I have to say this is the most neutral look that I have come up with so far, I usually go for a very bold bright colours mainly gold’s I think that’s the best colour to go with any colour alongside it.

To begin with apply primer potion all over eye lids to make your eye shadow last for longer

Apply Vanilla Pigment generously all over entire eye lids 239 Brush

Dab Embark into the crease to create intensity just at around the outer crease and keep blending the outer crease with 217 Brush

Frame eyes with eye liner I made a thick wing and a small wing just below it to make it look interesting

Saturday, 14 February 2009

Amber Eyes

Tropical Amber Eyes

Sunday, 1 February 2009

Sexy Bollywood Eyes

All About The Golds

Dramatic Bright Gold Eyes


Purple With A Pop Of Gold