Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Smokey Eyes

Seductive Smokey Emerald Eyes
A look I invented as I was applying the same old black eye shadow to create a Smokey look. I am absolutely addicted to the smokey eyes this season for some strange reason, I’ve given my gold’s and vibrant bright colours a rest and resorted to dark alluring seductive colors instead.
I applied Top Knot eye shadow from the BRB Mac Collection all over the upper top lids barely passing the crease and blending out any colour going up to the crease with a blending brush ,creating a fading effect you must remember fading effect from school I loved painting and drawing back at Secondary School so I guess this technique comes in handy :D ..

And Just at the center of the eye lids I dabbed on Club shimmery green greyish eye shadow, this took some blending to get it to look as blended in as possible.

I also spotted on some silver glitter at the corner of the crease and finished it off with a beautiful frame with a liquid eye liner and winged it up.

*Thanks for watching *

Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Combination Skin: Face Routine

Daily Face Routine

Clinique : Dramatically Different Moisturiser

Many people on You tube have asked me on many occasions how I keep my face looking so spot free and glowy, all I have to say is its all down to the simple techniques of using my lotion regularly. The lotion I regularly use is Clinique Dramatically Different moisturiser Lotion I have been using this lotion for over 1 year now and I still love it just as much as the first time I used it.

I was introduced to Clinique products by chance. When I was shopping in John Lewis ,I find it a very a lightweight moisturising lotion I usually massage it all over my face, neck and throat areas every mornings after I popped out the shower. The lotion is a very soft yellow in colour and comes in a clear bottle and usually disappears as you put it all over the face.

I throw on just 2 squirts into the palm of my hands and it goes on very evenly all over the face. After I apply this moisturising lotion, I can hardly feel it on my face; my pores feel cool unclogged, it refreshes my face all over. It sinks right into my skin without feeling greasy. I love the lightweight feeling of it. I know it is there because my skin feels it and you can tell that it is doing its job of moisturising. My skin looks much healthier when using this product. I have combination skin on my face and I've never had a problem with it feeling greasy or sticky or causing any breakouts. I think it is a good formula for all skin types.

Although Clinique markets this product as "fragrance free," it does have a slight scent. It is nothing offending so it should not cause a problem.

I always use Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturising Lotion both alone and under foundation. It performs the same way either way you use it. I was worried about my skin being oily using it under foundation but it sinks right into your skin. No problems at all. This is a great moisturiser to use either way or both ways.


BodyShop: Moringa Body Butter

I love to use Moringa Body Butter on my feet and it is one of the best smelling body butters! It lingers beautifully all day. I love all of The Body Shop body butters but this is by far one of my favorites. If you love floral scents this is a must have.

I love this body butter. The scent is perfect for me, a lovely flowery scent that isn't sickly sweet. Plus, it goes well with my perfume. The texture of the butter isn't too greasy, which I find is a problem with the more 'nutty' butters. A little goes a pretty long way, but make sure not to leave the lid off! (I'm a lazy bum and forgot to cover it for a few days - it goes thick, and gets impossible to spread: if you've only left it out one night or so, just add a few drops of water and cover it again for a day and it should be fine but any longer than that you're done).

Sunday, 22 March 2009

Mac Freshwater

Mac Freshwater Eyes

I'm loving this Freshwater Eye shadow from Mac I know that blue eyeshadow is one of the hardest makeup colors to pull off because it’s bright, prominent, and very noticeable. I decided to wear it alone, I popped it all over my entire lids and with a blending brush I completly blended out any visible harsh lines on the outter crease and made it into a smokey look, I framed the bottom eyelids with the eye shadow aswell and blended the bottom lid too to give it that all around the eye alluring smokey look :D

Lips: Violetta

I picked this one up from Carnaby Mac Pro store, I actually went there with intentions to get Myth, But I fell in love with this bold colour! it stood out like a sore thumb amongst other purple looking lipsticks, I plucked it out and dabbed it some over my lips and I fell in love with. I think Violetta has more depth with more blue violet pigment with intensity that can be built with each application. This lippie can get quite purple with each layer.

With this Lipstick I decided to go with a light coat of Dazzle Delight on the entire lids, or you can also try a subtle golden shade on your lids, or possibly a small amount of deep purple eyeshadow in the creases of your eyes.

Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Lips: Full Fuscshia

I recently just purchased this Full Fuchsia Lipstick from the Mac Pro store, I was meaning to get this lipstick to match my heels from Dune they're also a bright pink colour. I'm also going to be doing a look on this on YouTube for a neutral eyes with very bold lips and extravagant false lashes framed with a fine liquid eye liner and fine upward wing.