Monday, 29 December 2008

Cult of Cherry

For this look I used the Tempting Quad (£30)

I kept the smokey color very subtle and toned down

Sunday, 28 December 2008

Pin Up - Eyes

Classy 50's Pin Up Eyes

Lipstick -' Red She Said' By Mac

Red and Golds

Red And Gold Eyes

Evening Eyes

Seductive Gold And Green Eyes- Evening Eyes

Cute Plum Eyes

Deep Purple - Plum Eyes

A cute look I put together using Mac with the new Mac Holiday Collection 2008 Palette.

I'm in love with Deep feeling eye shadow (In deep purple). This is a 6 Cool eyes palette.

My Second Addiction- Red Bull :-)

Tropical Eyes

~H-Dhami- Concert Look ~

A look I wore to H Dhami’s Concert, for this look I used the colors from the Ben Nye Palette

I loved using theses eye shadows by Ben Nye they were so easy to blend and very highly pigmented I love strong pigmented eye shadows I think Ben Nye Eye shadows great for the very bold .

Clubbing Eyes

Flashing Lights- Bright Eyes

I don’t know how I came up with this look, as soon as I received my Ben Nye Grande Palette I sampled all the colors at the back of my hand, I sampled the Azalea Pink and Aztec Gold together it seemed out of place so I popped on a Smokey look to it by adding Embark Brown to the outer corners of the Aztec Gold it gave off a diva sleek finish really bold and bright I would say this look is great for parties and clubbing.

This was my very first look with my Ben Nye Palette and I’ve loved it ever since .

Rambling Rose- Mac