Monday, 1 June 2009

Mac Delft,Fresh Water and Cothes


I love this colour, and it does stay on all day. My only problem is that it is almost impossible to blend. The colour is so pretty, but if you cannot blend it enough, it just looks too intense. I like to use it for a base for my peacock looks.

What I'm wearing:

Lotion: Clinique
Face: Nc40 Studio Sculpt SPF 15 Foundation
Eyes: Mac Delft
Eyeshadow: Mac Delft, Freshwater (to outer crease)

Cheeks: Earth to Earth Duo Mineraliser, Gold Deposit (cheek highlighter)
Under Eye Line Filler:
Mac Transparent Finishing Powder
Lips: Hue (My very first Mac lippy!!)

Liquid Eyeliner: Jet Black Miss Sporty
Mascara: Dior

Look at the wonderful sky!

White Top: Topshop £30

High Waist Pencil skirt: River Island £45
Braclet: M&S £16, I absolutely love this bracelet isn’t it so pretty
Heels: Kurt Geiger £95

I loooveee this skirt ; ) what do you think?

I was wondering has any of the UK bloggers heard of Kurt Geiger? I feel like the only one, when I was browsing at the Mac store, I simply glanced up and saw a new shoe shop with a unique unheard of sounding name by the name of Kurt Geiger? For a second I actually thought it was Kate Cuba, so I walked over to have a look. I almost felt like I was in shoe paradise, so many sexy looking shoes, the down side would be the fact that most of the shoes had very painfully thin heels so I wasn’t too keen on that or the pain ha ha, they were way too thin for me. :)

As I was about to leave the shop these black leather heels caught my eyes they looked a bit unusual, very unique so I thought I’d try them on and they just looked so gorgeous on my feet, they were awfully high but as I walked in them I felt like I was walking on soft cushions, so I had to get them. When I wore them outside they felt very light and comfy on my feet. I really recommend Kurt Geiger store a checking out!

So about Kurt Geiger it’s a
luxurious shoe brand which is fashion and trend focused, but also stands out from the usual high street because of their strong image made by their designers. Kurt Geiger shoes are edgy but also pretty and feminine at the same time. . There are some really pretty jeweled pumps, that I have my eyes on: ).

This is what the skirt looks from behind

Kurt Geiger


shely said...

lol bootilicious! awesome body and ur rockin that skirt full on! u have great style!

Aleksis said... the outfit!!!

mzkrystall said...

hott!! i love the outfit!

Sher said...

omg I looove your outfit! so classy! And youre so lucky you can pull off not lining the bottom of your eyes with liner! I look sleepy if I don't

Mevish said...

Thansk so much hunnies :) I love the lil bow that the skirt has at the bottom really pretty :D

Shortiee31 said...

Hele talks about Kurt's shoes on her blog quite a bit :) x

Saimese said...

Love the outfit! You are incredibly gorgeous.

Mevish said...

saimese: aww thanks, I got this skirt a few months ago thought I'd wear it for once lol

Mala said...

Goldbeauty what can i say... jee you just so damn gorgeous

GoldBeauty said...

aww thanks so much Mala ;)

DesiMakeUp said...

you have a to die for figure!

so pretty x

GoldBeauty said...

Thanks gorgeous :)x

Chilli said...

you are pretty :)

Malina said...

such a sexy oufit

Baby Doll said...

That skirt really suits with that top and espicially your curves :)

GoldBeauty88 said...

BabyDoll: Thanks hun x