Monday, 24 August 2015

Monday, 3 August 2015

Pastel Kisses with Urban Decay Deluxe Shadow Box

I came up with this look using the urban decay palette from the Deluxe Shadow Box series which is one of my oldest palettes from their collection. I still love using it when I feel like using some beautiful colors. 

I started of with some Urban Decay primer all over my lids and popped on Graffiti e/s to the middle of my crease and Fishnet e/s to the outer crease and then blended it out with Mac Wedge I always use this e/s by Mac it brings together all the e/s making it look perfectly blended out. Its pretty simple I was literally rushing hope you guys like it love you all xx

 Lips Mac Mehr Lipstick

Mac Shroom with Mehr FOTD Easy Simple Makeup Look

I've been buying this for a long time and it's such a great shade and staple for when I do a neutral eye. I use Shroom on my entire lid and blend it out with my 217 blending brush.

I sometimes just pop on Mac Wedge eye shadow to my lids it’s another favourite of mine again with this one I just blend and a little jet black eyeliner and mascara and I get a clean daytime makeup look. Shroom is one of my favs and I always go back to it because it's just that good to me. 

Monday, 22 June 2015

Mac Mehr Lipstick

Mehr, is a dirty blue pink matte finish lipstick. The shade is similar to Cosmo but the finish is different and it’s a bit pinker as compared to Cosmo. Mehr is the kind of shade that would work on various olive skin tones.

I use this as one of my everyday go-to lipstick. You can pair it up with Smokey eyes or neutral eyes. I normally just like to stick with a neutral eyes with this lipstick.It is a matte finish lipstick but the texture is really creamy and smooth. I am wearing pink blush lipliner to outline my lips and flled in with Mehr.

Highly recommended, especially for those with light to medium skin tones. If you find it too pink, just mix it with a tad bit of soft brown shade. And it will look great.

Bronze Smokey Brown Eyes FOTD

Hello lovely followers,

Its been a while since I posted I apologise for the lack of post I've been really busy.
Here is a look I did using a orangey bronze e/s with matte browns.  I don't remember the e/s used as it was a while back I sorry about that nonetheless thought I'd share with you guys hope you enjoy

Monday, 11 May 2015

Mac Yash Lipstick with Spice

I purchased Mac Yash Lipstick some time last year I decided to get this one out as I am loving Mac Mehr lipstick, so I decided to use my other Mac Mickey contractor lipsticks. On my lips I have used Spice lip pencil to outline my lips and filled them in then with Mac Yash I applied on top which came out really pretty.

On my eyes I am wearing most of the e/s from the Urban Decay deluxe Eyeshadow palette e/s Scratch, Zero, and Shag along with Mac Phloof e/s to the tear ducts. On my Face I have my EX1 Invisiwear Liquid Foundation in 200 mixed with 300. For concealer Mac NW30 with Chanel setting powder. As for my highlighter I am wearing Elizabeth Arden Rose Gold Highlighter my favourite highlighter for the summer! Benefit Bella Bamba blush to the apple of cheeks 

Monday, 4 May 2015

Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade - Dark Brown

My first time buying this from Anastasia and so far I am very pleased! It also shipped quite quickly. I find it is easy to work with and there's no need to use a lot. What I love about this product is you can choose the intensity of your brows depending on the touch of your brush into the jar, and how much you pick up. If I want softer brows, I just touch my brush a tad bit into the pomade and start applying. 

That's really all you need for an everyday, natural look. I've been using it for about 4 months now and the only mistake I made was when I first started using it I picked up way too much product and my brows ended up looking really dark and unnatural. But I think if you’re using this correctly it can do wonders! Definitely worth it, I will for sure be buying again once I run out.

Pros: Stays on all day. Glides smoothly, Adjustable colour, nice neutral shade not too auburn

Cons: Doesn't actually replace my brow gel to keep hair in place. Heavier application can look patchy; it’s not as fast to apply as powder or pencil because you have to be very precise with your angled brush