Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Smokey Eyes

Seductive Smokey Emerald Eyes
A look I invented as I was applying the same old black eye shadow to create a Smokey look. I am absolutely addicted to the smokey eyes this season for some strange reason, I’ve given my gold’s and vibrant bright colours a rest and resorted to dark alluring seductive colors instead.
I applied Top Knot eye shadow from the BRB Mac Collection all over the upper top lids barely passing the crease and blending out any colour going up to the crease with a blending brush ,creating a fading effect you must remember fading effect from school I loved painting and drawing back at Secondary School so I guess this technique comes in handy :D ..

And Just at the center of the eye lids I dabbed on Club shimmery green greyish eye shadow, this took some blending to get it to look as blended in as possible.

I also spotted on some silver glitter at the corner of the crease and finished it off with a beautiful frame with a liquid eye liner and winged it up.

*Thanks for watching *


Anonymous said...

u r so beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Would you be able to do a tutorial for the Barbie Loves Mac collection?

Anonymous said...

Also can you post the products (foundation, blush, highlighter, etc) u used on ur face for this one bcuz your face looks absolutely stunning!