Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Pink Kisses with Lime Crime Geradium

I am declaring this a Lime Crime Month!

I reviewed some current Velvetines in my previous post but up until now I had not experienced with the quality of the opaque lipsticks from Lime Crime. I read some conflicting reviews online and saw some amazing swatches and some terrible ones. But the more and more swatches I saw sealed the deal for me

Curiosity got the better of me and I decided to purchased Geradium and Coquette I will review Coquette in another post.

Geradium is one of Lime Crime's newer colours, its a coral pink perfect for summer. It has excellent formulation not quite so thick so can be worn toned down if preferred. I am so glad I got this one! it is a beautiful shade, It's a very vibrant medium pink,but not to the point that is has that tacky brightness about it!

I find when wearing this outdoors it looks quite light on the lips whilst indoors it looks a tad bit dark just slightly not too much.I love this for a daytime look and find it very flattering teamed with a peachy neutral eye. This is definitely a perfect pink for the warmer months ahead,

I think this is a shade which would flatter any skin tone.


Cynthia Prado said...

Wow! Love the color. Looks great on you!

Hell Notes for Beauty™ said...

Such a stunning color on you!

Naila Ali said...

jealous of your lips stunning lipstick looks perfect on you have you tried lime crime babette i think its called check it out think you might like that too

Lajjo uneer said...

sexc pics love the lipstick