Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Haul: Mac, Benefit, Illamasqua,some thoughts

Here is what I grabbed from the Mac All Ages,All Races, All Sexes Collection :)

I love matte eye shadows! I thought Mac All Races would be perfect for the neutral eyes.

I fell in love with Macs Show stopper right away I love the dark colour in the palette it will come into many uses as I love using dark browns they're so versatile espicially for the smokey eyes or dakening of the crease. Plus I dont own that many dark browns I need more brown shades....

I got the Mac Taupe & Black Brow pencils. I am really into my brows I'd rather not wear any foundation or any make up and only do my brows, for me it really frames my face. For some reason I've never been into brow pencils I prefer using a dark brown eye shadow with an angled brush along with a brow setter, it works so much easier for me.

I thought I'd try out Mac's brow pencils. They come with a cream like texture (once warm I hate using it when the pencil is cold dont get much use out of them otherwise). What I do is fill in my brows with the pencil and draw the arch with a angled brush I find it gives a more percise finish.

Laugh with me Lee Lee by Benefit: This fragrance comes in a cute lil packaging, I didnt throw it away. when im going out I usually dash this one in my bag. I just cant get enough of this perfume. It has a floral-woody fragrance, which incorporates notes of currant leaves and buds, melon, citruses, black violet, lily, jasmine. I'm using it up like crazy! I love loove it so much.. :)

I finally got Dallas by Benefit! And I must say the scent of their products is so lovely I can sniff it all day so refreshing. Dallas is such a pretty colour it gives a really fresh glow to my cheeks I purchased it purely because it gave my cheeks a natural rosey finish.

My very new Bronzing duo! cant get enough of this.. Since purchasing this product I haven't gone a single day without using it.

I thought I'd try out Illamasqua bronzers. The MUA applied some of the bronzing powder onto my cheeks it looked so natural agains my skin not too orangey like other bronzers and netheir did it look unatural or too obvious. I'm using this one a lot espicially when in a hurry for work or just going out in general.

The highlighter is very natural it has a very light peachy colour to it with gold under tones the texture goes on like silk, on my skin and it doensn't look like I have so much on. I find it really defines my cheeks and gives it a lift. The Bronzer is called Glint and Garnish for those of you who would love to try this one out :)


Fintia said...

great haul! enjoy your goodies

Zerin said...

Nice haul! I really want to try out some Illamasqua products. Epecially one of each...blush, cream blush and a lipstick. Do you have any recs in colours?

8angel8 said...

ooooh i wanna go out & smell that laugh with me lee lee! i agree the packaging is so cute!!

i remember i took my bf to sephora with me one time...bad mistake. besides wiping eyeshadow on my cheeks he showered me in one of the benefit frangrances. my head stopped hurting once the scent settled lol. i might as well have bathed in the stuff.

Jackie said...

I may have to try the Illamasque Bronzer duo. It looks promising. I have that same problem where many bronzers look too orange on me. I'm definitely giving this a try the next time I go into Sephora. Thanks for the tip!


Inner Belle said...

i love dallas, its a strangely odd kinda colour

Arezu said...

Nice haul, I wish we had Illmasqua here in Canada!

Shifa said...

I have the bronzer and aint it just gorgeous? :D I was addicted to it too when I got it. I would love to try Dallas!

Kate Gene said...

Show Stopper is so pretty! I don't own a lot of browns either, which is a bummer... I want this and Shadowy Lady so badly!

Have you seen NARS Mekong shadow? It's gorgeous!

Great haul!