Monday, 22 February 2010

Mini haul, Dolce and Gabbana,Nars,Just Me :P

Dolce and Gabbana Charm Lipgloss is a beautiful pink colour not too bright very wearable for any time of the day it contains blue and bright pink refelects. It’goes on like silk not too sticky.

The lipgloss consists of heavy rose scent, which I love very much I adore rosey scents at the moment! I apply it in thin layers and build up a little for a thicker, glossier feel/look or to intensify the shimmer. I find two coats is the perfect amount for me. I love the way the blue reflects under the light so beautifully I got so many compliments at work for this.

I find the gloss lasts a few hours on my lips on its own, and it’s colored enough to wear it alone. I haven't tried it over any lipgloss as of yet but I will be experimenting to show you guys :)

Nars Night Star is a stunning light peach colour with gold glitter it reminds me of Mac Light Shade which is a limited edition I was worried if I ran out if I'd be able to find a similar colour.

I was so pleased to find this eye shadow when I came across it. I like using this on my entire lids for a completly natural look. I also use it as a highlight for the brows and on the cheeks sometimes for a natural glowy look.

Roaming about the place on the weekend...Gladstone Park

I love Gladstone Park although the weather wasn't at its very best it still didn't stop me from going. I was at one of the cafes, they have two small cafes at the two entrances of the park they're not too over priced I'd say reasonable priced.

I'm always there whenever I get a chance as I'm totally addicted to their cherry pies with a warm hot chocolate nothing is better than having one of those on a cold day like this :D


I came across this hilarious clip only yesterday! Its so funny I've watched it 50 times now and I still cant stop laughing at it LOL

Cheeky Gibbon Monkey!!...

Thanks for reading :) x


Fiza said...

Yous so gorgeous.. Love watching you picz

Dani M said...

I really like that eyeshadow! I've never purchased a nars shadow! I just realized I may be missing out ;p

meliza said...

llooove.. wear u get the boots..

La Princesa said...

that lip gloss is a gorgeous colour!!!!

i have just written my first blog on my top 10 beauty products if you have time pls come thru and have a read :)


Anonymous said...

LOL @ the video! So cute! Nice photos and haul, the shadow looks lovely =)

Shifa said...

love the stuff you got hun and you look fab as usual :)

Krystia-HouseofKrystia said...

Such a neat coat!