Monday, 27 April 2009

Emerald Smokey Eyes/ Clothes

So, I haven’t shopped for clothes in ages and thought I might as well shop now as I have the day off work otherwise I wont have the time to sex up my wardrobe once I go back work ..Luckily the weather wasn’t pouring down for once!! Pheww* it was nice and sunny. I find myself being really picky with tops/dresses. I tend to go for unique looking dresses they have to fit perfectly around my curves I love wearing unique bright and bold clothes for summer, I’m not too fussed about matching heels I have a nude looking pair of doll shoes and heels that go perfectly with any dress and top that I own.

I purchased this top from Jane Norman, I’m not too keen from purchasing from there on a regular basis as I think they over price some of their products, but you’d defiantly catch me there on a sale!

At first I wasn’t too sure about this top from a far but I absolutely fell in love with it when I held it in my hand and felt the fabric, the pattern and the colour looked so gorgeous. I thought this’ll be prefect for this summer very thin fabric enough to let the air through so less chances of sweating. But what made me really like the top was the sequence following along the entire v neck from the front it looked perfect. So I had to get ittt!

I’m wearing the Smokey Emerald Eyes there’s a tutorial on this on the blog it’s called the *Sexy Smokey Emerald Eyes* on my lips I have on Mac Cherish lipstick and my face I have on Mac Studio Sculpt SPF 15 Foundation I’ve been using this a lot it gives full coverage without making my skin feeling heavy or clogged. I have purchased 2 already I love this foundation to bits I’m so glad Mac added this to the permanent line.

I’m wearing:

Top: Jane Noorman £35
Pink earrings: Claire’s £5
Fuchsia Pink heels from Dune £85
Jeans: Skinny fit Jeans: Dark Blue £25

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mac addict said...

i want those pink heels