Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Lil Snoozer along with some photography :)

"A beautiful ray of sunshine is shining through, it makes all things new, and sets the tone for a brand new day"

Me in my white tee and looking
severly tanned :)

Minnie Update :

I love her little paws ! :)

Lil Snoozer in addition to her many nicknames. Shes finally settled in once sniffing her way around the entire household I'm really pleased to know shes getting comforable and used to each family member. I took these snaps of her whilst she was snoozing all over the living room, she eventually found her snooze spot on a cushion right next to a sofa .I took these blissful pics of her she looks so adorable.

I love this picture the way the sun is concealed behind the tree leaves

Its been incredibly hot here in London I've just been sunbathing most days and enjoying the lovely weather. I quite like this picture its smeared with cobwebs quite an interesting picture might use it for halloween for special effects ! :)

Me I look slightly occupied by whats happening on the other side I think I was looking at some boats at the other end of the bridge.Over here I'm wearing a jumpsuit with a rocker jacket and plain flat shoes.

Stay Tuned! x

Tuesday, 13 July 2010

The Kitten with Many Names! Introducing Minnie

Mew Mew, Mitty, Kitty, Minnie. She's so adorable, trotting about the place with her white paws her claws tapping onto the wooden floor and of course her sweet sounding meews stole my heart away from the moment I saw her. When I first brought her home she sat comfortable on a sofa and started sniffing her way around the place. Then the lights would go off and all you'd be able to see is her white tuff and white paws in the dark. The cutest sight, I couldn't leave her alone. I am in love with her tinys paws so cute! Shes just perfect the kitty I've always wanted :)

I feel a tiny paw print being imprinted onto my heart

Thanks for Visiting x

Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Cat Eyes

In a Cat's eye, all things belong to Cats

Products Used:

Face: Studio Sculpt SPF 15 Foundation Nc40
Lotion: Dove Lotion

Eyes: Mac Tissue Weight, Mac All Races, Mac Espresso, Mac Vanilla Pigment

Cheeks: Contour: Mac Golden Refined Bronzer, Mac Pink Swoon

Liquid Liner: Miss Sporty

Mascara: Clinique High Impact Mascara

Lips: Mac Colour Crafted LE , M&S Lipgloss

Mac Studio Fix Finish Spray

Lashes: H&M

Stay Inspired!