Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Your Blog Is "freakin" fabulous- Award

I was tagged by the beautiful Louise Lush19x for this award

The rule consists of:

1. List five current obsessions
2. Pass the award on to five more fabulous blogs of your choice
3. On your post of receiving this award, link back to the individual that awarded you
4. Link your five winners, as well as let them know that they've been awarded

Here are my 5 current obsessions!

Scottish Smoked Salmon: (Yumm I’m craving for some already!)
I’m completely addicted to eating Smoked Salmon right now, when ever I get the ache for food I straight away feel like having myself a salmon in a tiger bread with Philadelphia cream cheese and once I’ve gulped It down I always quote ‘Delicious!’ In a Spanish accent

Brioche: yum I love eating it with galaxy hot chocolate

Karen Millen Dresses: I love a majority of their dresses!! I have been eyeing up two dresses from there now already cant wait to get my hands on them

Zebra print: I just love the print I have a pair of earrings, top, and a dress with zebra print

Dancing: its been a long term obsession of mine since childhood and it still is, it helps me to unwind relax and enjoy I also get away with exercising I don’t have to go for a jog and kill my feet, I prefer dancing :D

So the winners for the fabulous blogs are:
(in no particular order)

Sisa (sisamakeup)

Arezu (chica-de-belleza)

Linda (onlyxlindah)

Zerin (xinarox)

Tiffany (bighairbiggerlashes)

Thank you Louise for tagging me! :)

And I tag anyone elese who wants to do this if your reading this guess what? I tag you!! :D


lindah said...

Thank you for the award dear :D and I love zebra print stuff too ^_^

Lush19 said...

No problem hun...Thank you for doing it!

Oh and thank you soooo much for your last comment on my blog!


MEVISH said...

lindah: My pleasure gorgeous :)

Lush19: No problemo hun anytime :)