Friday, 17 July 2009

Bollywood Eyes: Ben Nye Azalea with Cosmic Blue

Products Used:

Face: Studio Sculpt SPF 15 Foundation
Lotion: Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturiser

Primer: Urban Decay Primer Potion
Under Eye Line Filler: Mac Transparent Finishing Powder

Eyes: Ben Nye Azalea Pink (Halfway to lids) Ben Nye Cosmic Blue
(outer crease)

Highlighter: Mac Mac Lightshade

Cheeks: Refined Golden Bronzer,Mac Breath of Plum Mineraliser,
Mac Gold Deposit

Mascara: Clinique High Impact Mascara
Liquid Eyeliner: Jet Black Miss Sporty

Lips: Mac Ramblin Rose
Studio Fix Finish Spray

Lashes: H&M

Bole Churiya :-D !

This picture shows the true colours of the E/S, you can tell its very pigmented, thats what I love Beny Nye E/S for the colours that are really pretty and bold!

To give you an idea : A brief look at how I did this!

As you can see this required immense blending!! I'm so glad that I used Ben Nye E/S for this as they're extremly blendable colours. I didn't even need to continiously build up on the colours to make it bright one stroak was enough ! and Omg look at the hot mess ;)

Bottom Lids:
Filling in the under lids with Cosmic Blue to outer bottom

Foundation Brush:
I like to use this for sweeping away any loose E/S, it acts as an eraser

Liquid Eyeliner:
I'm using one from Miss Sporty in Jet Black. It lasts all day and is incredibly easy to remove with a wet wipe.

Mascara and falsies


Caramel Diva said...

This look is very pretty:)

J said...

Oooo very nice xx

Baby Doll said...

You are Outstanding!! love this combo

ditzymakeup said...

So so so pretty!
Where do you buy your Ben Nye products from!?

Arezu said...

Beautiful look!
I haveeee to get that blue, it's so pretty!

Unknown said...

Girl u are absolutly stunning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

MandaxLeslie said...

i love this look! its so pretty

Unknown said...

I love your blog! Your looks are very pretty. Photos are great too.. what camera do you use? :)

Lolita Riot said...

wow what an awesome blue! I love your eye shape :)

Celia said...

really pretty!
love the way you wing.

Chilli said...

my god!so BEAUTIFUL!

Question: How do you keep your skin so flawless?

MEVISH said...

Thank you so much ladies :)

Arezu: Yeah you definatly should its such a pretty colour! :)

MEVISH said...

Livia: Unfortunatly I'm curently using my Mobile phone for picture taking as I've sent away my camera for fixing. I kinda miss the clear picture quality.Hopefully I should have it very soon!

DizyMakeup: I purchased the Ben Nye Garande pallete from over the states via online. I advise ordering from the states I saved £20! where as on the other hand if I bought Ben Nye from the UK I'd end up paying double the price.

SweetShuGa said...

omg girl, love this look..just gorgeous! your hair is so straight and it!

MK said...

you have been added!

=) ohh and your have such pretty eyes!!!! im following you as well

MEVISH said...

@MK: whopee thanks girl :)

BlackLipstick said...

hiya, I'm training to become a beautician and i just wanted to know how to apply eyeshadow but make it really shadowy so it gives a wonderful look on the eyes so it makes eyes stand out, Ive tried it on myself but it doesn't come out as nice as yours could you possibly help me out and explain to me pls

BlackLipstick said...

Can you use mac white eyeshadow on the wet part of you eye on the bottom? instead of using white liner?

MEVISH said...

@BlackLipstick: thanks hon :) I wouldn't reccomend using white E/ to the waterline stick with white eye pencil as its made for that specific use :)

Sisa said...

Whoa! This is stunning... love it!

twinsouls888 said...

ow really really cute, I'm following you ^_^

Naty1129 said...

I'm so loving this look :]

My-My said...

Thank you for the Birthday wishes! you are so sweet. I really appreciate it.

I know I don't comment much, but your looks are so inspiring. Keep it up!

MEVISH said...

@Natty1129: Thanks love :)

My-My: Aw thank yooou hon :)

Tali said...

Do you do youtube videos.. because seriously you should. Youd get so many followers because you can tell you know your stuff when it comes to blending! Amazing look!
But you dont even need make-up your so pretty!

Kimmy said...

Absolutely it!

Bissera said...

you are seriously good at makeup! im so jelous:D

MEVISH said...

@Tali: Aww thanks babe :). I do have a youtube account:Goldbeauty88I've currently have it to a halt because my camera broke. But as soon as I get it back I shall be up and running again:D

@rayqueen: Thank you hon!your gorgeous ;o)

@Bee: thank you gorgeous :D

Tanning Tips said...

This look is amazing! Everything is blended perfectly but not so much so that you can't see the individual colors. As always, your eyeliner is perfect! I'm so glad I stumbled across your You Tube channel!

Elizabeth said...

lovely colours