Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Bright Pink Eyes

Pink Flames- Eyes

Thursday, 15 January 2009

Mevish MUA

A lil Some of My Work
Feast your eyes

Joy's Look: Evening Shimmery Eyes

Foundation by Estee Lauder

On Joy I've used Goldmine at the inner corner of the lids Amber Lights at middle of crease and to darken the crease I dabbed on Embark Brown

(All E/S Used By Mac)

Thursday, 8 January 2009

Tips for Eye Liners

How To apply Liquid Eyeliner

I've been asked many times on youtube and blospot on how I do my eyeliner so immaculatly. Well all I can say is you require the two main things :
  1. Steady Hands
  2. Patience
If it does not all go well at first, not to worry! the line does not always have to so be perfect! to get it neat and perfect start again!,to be brutally honest even I sometimes make minor mistakes here and there.You can also try drawing out an outine with a black eye pencil eye liner and neatly follow along the lines. :)

Here are the steps:

Apply eyeshadow base to the lids. This will prevent the makeup from smudging

When you are first learning how to apply liquid eyeliner, apply regular eyeliner with a light touch. Then you can go over it with the liquid liner. The benefit of this is that the line will already be drawn.

When it is time to apply the liquid eyeliner, prep the liner by making sure there is enough liquid in the brush.

Start with the top lid. With a light touch, apply the liner starting at the inside corner and working outwards.

Instead of trying to apply it all in one long line, it works best if you actually draw several smaller lines. However, as you practice more, you will find the best method for you.

Make sure you let the eyeliner dry thoroughly before applying more eye makeup or even blinking

Wednesday, 7 January 2009


The Corpse Bride

Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Christmas Eyes

Smokey Red and Silver Eyes

Aqua - Eyes

Primer Potion Urban Decay: Entire eye lids
Eyes: Aqua Mac, Fresh Water Mac
Highlighter: Mac Dazzle Delight
Lips: Mac Quartz Lip Liner (fill in)
Face: Studio Fix Fluid Foundation NC42
Face: Natural Skin Finish Mineraliser NC40
Cheeks: Dame Edna Highlighter Mac
Apple of Cheeks: Gold Deposit Highlighter Mac
Mascara: Clinique
Liquid Eyeliner: Rimmell

Arctic Shimmer - Eyes

Arctic Shimmer - Eyes

Saturday, 3 January 2009

Eyes: Black and Brown Smokey Eyes

A smokey look of mine inspired by the lovely Tyra Banks, I kept mines less intense as I didn't want to go over board :)

I've added two wings to the outer corners of my eyes